Lucky Lucky the Love Puppy:

Suerte Suerte el Perrito de Amor

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Mindful Max and the Mental Magic Club is an early reader chapter book about how Max, grieving for his late mother, yearns for his father’s attention. He starts a problem-solving club where he applies the mindfulness meditation skills his mother passed down to him to deal with the challenging issues that arise. Endorsement by Dr. Joyce C. Mills of StoryPlay Global. Research studies about the benefits of mindfulness meditation with children, a guide for use, and questions for children to ponder are provided.

Lucky Lucky Aloha Puppy.

Follow Lucky, the cute and sweet Cocker Spaniel from Lucky Lucky the Love Puppy; A read-along, sing-along, feelings picture book in his new Hawaii life. The story also doubles as a song where Robin Waters continues her emotional education with Hawaiian-style exploration.


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In the envisioning stage: a collection of phenomenal stories from healers to bridge the gap between the ordinary and the extraordinary. A peek behind the veil, as all on earth work to globally raise consciousness and spiritual awareness: 

Reiki Sublime 300

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5D Sublime 300


A children's picture book of a globally conscious and healing cat


The Medium and The Governor

An adult novel of spiritual metaphysics

Friends in Poetic Justice: 

The Wanda Coleman and Sylvia Rosen Story

A collaborative project chronicling the fascinating, multi-faceted sisterhood between the late internationally acclaimed poet and writerWanda Coleman, and my mother,

dream poet, Sylvia Rosen. It centers on Wanda's

award-winning, trailblazing powerhouse (Black Arts Movement, Civil Rights Activist, forerunner of Poetry Slam and Hip Hop Voice Performance, Black Lives Matter movement) of a career and touches on my mother's as well. The biographies of Wanda and Sylvia will focus through the lens of their unlikely bond, a friendship that remained professionally and personally intertwined for over forty years. 

Beaming up Rosie Spinoffs: 

Beaming down Ken 

Serena the Teen Wonder

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My mother, Sylvia Rosen, passed away December 19, 2016, at 84 years-old. She created this book that was published in 1994. Well-known in the Los Angeles area, she was considered one of the elite dream poets in the seventies, eighties, and early nineties. This book represents a culmination of twenty-five years of recording her dreams and writing poetry in the form of one long poem of different dreams, or alternatively, one long dream of different poems. If you love modern poetry, you will be fascinated and mesmerized by this work of literary art.

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At Waters N Light Books, we believe in bringing the light of love and emotional expression to the core of reading. Our books/recordings are healing in nature, to allow for not only an enjoyable reading experience, but also for a transformative journey, where psychological and spiritual wounds find comfort, and ultimately peace, while entering this wondrous world of words, tales, and song. 

We are very excited to announce our presence, 

to splash in the waters and light with you, your children, the heavens and earth.

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 a read along, sing along, feelings picture book

      Authored by Robin Waters Casper, LMFT

For ages baby to six, Lucky's Golden Cocker Spaniel beauty, sweet nature, and emotive mannerisms bring emotional identification and expression to life. He shares his acting out feelings while inviting children to also express themselves. Kids delight in reading it as a stand-alone story or singing with Robin the Lucky Lucky the Love Puppy Song.


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A dream journal

by Sylvia Rosen 

Harp Solo & Chakra Grounding Meditation  (CD/Mp3)

Harp Composition and Performance: Rev. Dr. Katy Valentine

​Voice Meditation: Robin L. Waters, LMFT, RMT, Author/Publisher



 *Chico State Wildcat Store 402 W. 1st Street 

 *The Gateway Museum Store, Chico CA

 * Women Who Run With Wolves Store, Maui

  • StoryPlay Global Dr. Joyce Mills, Ph.D. 



An unlisted YouTube Video Experience

Aloha! I'm excited to announce my new project, Ho'oponopono in 2020 Vision, an unlisted YouTube experience. Here is the 2 min, 43 sec Intro for the 3-video, one-hour exploration. Ho'oponopono is the ancient Hawaiian spiritual practice of love, repentance, forgiveness, and gratitude that's been modernized for everyone as an easy transformative method of self-care. 
Part 1: Basics, What & How 

Part 2: Cleaning Song Tools (I created) and

Part 3: Hawaii's Beauty for Pandemic Peace, copyrighted, spectacular pics and a few videos of Hawaii, a gift to bring some joy and peace during these strange and unsettling times.

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I will email you the gift Part 3 link and, after payment, tParts 1 and 2 links. Please help me protect my unlisted YouTube copyrighted works and keep emailed material private, with no sharing, posts, or public playlists for links. Refer those interested here to this website. Mahalo! 

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A Metaphysical, Psycho-Spiritual Love Story

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Mindful Max and the Mental Magic Club
Authored by Robin Waters Casper, LMFT
​Illustrated by Mia CMHT