Robin L. Waters (Casper)
LMFT, RMT, author/publisher

Waters N Light Reiki is a new approach to offering and teaching Reiki that brings this amazing, life-affirming, soothing energy to anyone who wishes to feel better, bask in calming serenity, ascend in consciousness, and connect with their true essence.    

Waters N Light Books enhances life with spritual, healing, and fun fiction and non-fiction for adults and children.  

Robin L. Waters (Casper) is a retired California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Co-developer of the Enloe Medical/Regional Cancer Center's Reiki Volunteer Program and Author/Publisher of Waters N Light Reiki N Books, works of  of psychological/spiritual fiction, as well as  non-fiction for adults and children. 


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Say Hello

The owner of Waters N Light Reiki and Waters N Light Books, Robin L. Waters (Casper) welcomes you to try Reiki, either with an in-person Reiki session or a long distance healing session. Rates are

$1 a minute with a 30 minute minimum for in-office or 15 minute minimum for remote.

If you are interested in discussing our books or publishing,  she would love to chat or email with you. Just leave a note on the contact form, call, text, or email.