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 Reiki One   $175   approx. 9  hrs

Usui Reiki basic education, 1 to 4 attunements to receive Reiki energy healing ability, practice. Certification.

Benefits of Reiki

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Reiki Two   $200  approx.  9 hrs

 same manual as Reiki One. 

Reiki Two symbols and education, with practice to send Reiki long distance, and applying symbols in sessions. Certification.


Reiki Three, Part 2 (optional)  Dates: TBA

Reiki Master Teacher Training

additional $100  or $420 combined  Reiki Three ART/RMT training

ART training with additional training to become a Reiki Master Teacher, including providing all three Usui Reiki Levels, with practice and certification. 

Advanced Reiki Training (ART) Only  Dates: TBA             


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Robin Waters Casper, LMFT retired, Reiki Master Teacher, Author-Publisher. 



Experience a higher realm of healing and connection with Waters N Light. Learn Reiki for treating self and others. Online classes and in-person learning experiences allow the journey to begin!  Get started today with our Reiki classes and spiritual, healing, and fun books to discover a new world of emotional expression.

Usui Reiki Classes (no CE hours) 

Locations for classes TBA in 

Lahaina, Maui, HI.

(Please contact me if interested!)

Reiki Basics: Reiki One Ed with Referral for Practitioner Certification(Recorded Class: 3 1-hour sessions covering the following: Reiki Defined, History, Using Reiki, Japanese Techniques, Application Demonstration for Reiki Self-Treatment and for providing Reiki Sessions) Please note: Attunement, or the transferring of the ability to facilitate the Reiki Energy, and actual practice will be provided concurrently with a REFERRED collaborating Reiki Master Teacher either in person locally or online.

$75 + $25 manual fee  (referral RMT fee separate $75 to $100)

Class includes basic Reiki One knowledge with a referral in the student's geographical area or online for a competent Reiki Master Teacher to provide completed Reiki One Practitioner Certification (attunement and practice) for a negotiated, discounted fee. Please see link below:  


Please Note: I will either be the referral RMT If student is local to Chico, CA or Maui, or I will work closely in collaboration with another Reiki Master Teacher. In certain circumstances, on a case by case basis, I may consider providing long distance attunement, with confirmation from student that they received it, or I will refer to Geetanjali Jha, Ph.D., RMT, a naturopathic Dr. in India for long distance attunement. Regardless, a qualified, competent Reiki Master Teacher in your area will be located to provide a personal contact, attunement, practice and certification. 

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  Harp Solo & Chakra Grounding Meditation;  an audio collaboration with Robin Waters Casper, LMFT, RMT, with voice, and Rev. Dr. Katy Valentine, owner of Agave Harp. Recorded at Heirloom Studios, Chico, CA.


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  • Calms the mind and body
  • Spiritual connection to higher self 
  • Deep relaxation balances and strengthens body's ability to heal.
  • Easy to learn, so simple anyone can take a basic class to receive Reiki energy healing ability.
  • Self-treatment once learned
  • Hundreds of hospitals across the country have  Reiki programs

Also available: 

Dreaming the Poem ,

a dream journal  

by Sylvia Rosen

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             Learn it Live Academy


Free registration to enroll.

           Pay only for classes taken.

Reiki Three: Part I  Dates: TBA

Advanced Reiki Training​    approx. 15 hours

$300 + 20 manual fee

Master symbol, Advanced Reiki application, practice, certification.

Reiki  is a gentle, non-invasive Japanese healing technique that promotes deep relaxation, a sense of well-being, and a re-connection with one's spiritual essence. The receiver is often fully-clothed unless receiving Reiki as integrated into massage, conventional or complimentary methods. Often people will experience emotional and physical symptom relief.

Intro to Reiki Healing and Relaxation

Sunday, September 27, 2015

 6:00 to 6:31 PM  PST

FREE Recorded Class Available for viewing at Learn it Live Academy


Reiki One Practitioner Class  

Chico Therapy Wellness Center

8 CE Hours Earned

Update: Robin has resigned at CTWC.

A new Reiki teacher has been hired.


392 Connors Court

Chico, CA

CTWC fees apply + $25 material fee,

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Lucky Lucky the Love Puppy, a read-along, sing-along,

feelings picture book. Spanish Version in process, and also: 

Lucky Lucky Aloha Puppy: Hawaiian-style Edition

Now Available: Mindful Max and the Mental Magic Club

Coming Soon: Beaming up Rosie: an adult novel