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Reiki 3/Adv. Reiki Training PPT.   $35

22 slides, mixed photos and ppt. slides     

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  $5 each slide, slides deleted no charge​​

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Reiki 2 Power Point          $25

17 slides, mixed photos and ppt. slides. 

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 $5 each slide, slides deleted no charge. 


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Welcome to this audio experience that manifests divine energy. The creators of this recording will take you on a captivating odyssey of body, mind, and spirit through soothing guided meditation and awe-inspiring harp music. Rev. Dr. Katy Valentine, founder of Agape Harp, is a minister and scholar of Sacred Scripture. Robin Waters Casper, LMFT, RMT, author/owner of Waters N Light Reiki N Books, is a California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, #41820, and a Reiki Master Teacher/Practitioner. They weave their rich spiritual offerings together in this unique light-filled retreat into sound. Four tracks are available to set your personalized intentions: 1)Introduction (2:56): Both voice and harp invite the listener to take a meditative journey, illuminating the various ways to tune in as best suited to the individual. 2)Harp Chakra Grounding Meditation (13:18): Robin leads a sacred exploration down through the chakras into the center of the earth and back, supported by Katy's harp melodies that lift the spirit and ground the body. 3)Divine Energy Harp Solo (39:10): Katy plucks the harp strings in ancient modes to open the heart, aligning earthly and heavenly energy fields. It is the perfect length for ambient background music, meditation, prayer, yoga, spa massage, healing arts sessions, Reiki sessions, or as a tool for a Reiki Master Teacher to use in classes. 4)Swift Wind (2:14): Katy's original harp composition gently returns us to the present moment with its light and breezy tones. Any way you choose to hear, sit back, get comfortable, and enjoy this enchanting path to love and light!

CAUTION: Do not listen while driving or operating heavy machinery.Type your paragraph here.

(Photos copyright 2015: Robin Waters Casper)

                  REIKI SESSIONS

$1 per min: 30 min. minimum in office

$1 per min: 15 min. minimum  long distance



Based on William Lee Rand's Reiki ManualsDesign & Hawaiian Photos by Robin L. Waters

​​Reiki 1, 2, & 3/ART Power Points

Reiki 1 PPT.  Option 1                  $50

53 slides, mix of photos, ppt slides

Reiki 1 PPT.  Option 2              $60   

66 slides, mix of photos, ppt slides   

Customize Fee:  

  $5 each slide, slides deleted no charge